Sunday, October 17, 2010

Aya Kiguchi

Name: Aya Kiguchi
Japanese name: 木口 亜矢, きぐち あや
Nickname: Aya, Kigutchi, curves, and Oh, come Gutchan
Birthdate: October 11, 1985
Current Age: 24 years old
Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan hometown
blood type A
Nominal size (as of 2010)
Height 158 cm
Weight kg
Body measurements: B89 - W57 - H86 cm
Occupation: gravure idol and female talent
F bra size
Shoe size 23.5 cm
Aya Kiguchi 1 193 _木口 亜矢 きぐち あや
Aya-Kiguchi-1-193.jpg_木口 亜矢 きぐち あや 1200x1800
Aya Kiguchi is a gravure idol and tarento from Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. She works with the Platinum Production agency. She has appeared in the television drama adaptation of Rookies, the film adaptation of Fujoshi Rumi, and most recently was the lead in RoboGeisha.
Aya Kiguchi 1 194 _木口 亜矢 きぐち あや
Aya-Kiguchi-1-194.jpg_木口 亜矢 きぐち あや 1200x1800
Aya Kiguchi 1 195 _木口 亜矢 きぐち あや
Aya-Kiguchi-1-195.jpg_木口 亜矢 きぐち あや 1200x1800
Aya Kiguchi 1 196 _木口 亜矢 きぐち あや
Aya-Kiguchi-1-196.jpg_木口 亜矢 きぐち あや 1200x1800
Aya Kiguchi 1 197 _木口 亜矢 きぐち あや
Aya-Kiguchi-1-197.jpg_木口 亜矢 きぐち あや 1200x1800